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FimiBUSINESS™ Solutions provide an online platform where everyday people are able to conduct local, cross-border and international day-to-day financial transactions. From Trade Payments, Payroll Services, E-Commerce Merchant Services, Educational, Healthcare and NGOs using DigitalCurrency, Fiat or Gold. We firmly believe in the notion that “Everyday People” should have access to the global economy.

Welcome to the FimiBUSINESS™

International Payments

FimiBUSINESS™ offers international payments, anytime through FimiMONEY™ network to avoid intermediaries and extra fees.

Merchant Services

FimiBUSINESS™ platform leverages Global Compliance with dedicated security with real-time payment for international trade with confidence.

Payroll Services

FimiBUSINESS™ offers payroll services, account payable systems and banking systems, that can execute mass payments with confidence using our FimiPAY™ API.


FimiBUSINESS™ helps you expand your educational institutional reach into the growing market for international students.


Give your customers a stress free, easy and fast way to pay for services with our FimiBUSINESS™ receivables solution with real-time reconciliation.

Credit/Debit/Loyalty Cards

FimiMONEY™ offers branded, co-branded or white label card solutions for credit, debit or loyalty cards to increase your customer reach and interaction.

FimiMONEY™ provides a Modern Multi-Dimensional platform to facilitate global financial transactions.

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FimiMONEY™ Wallet is FULLY-LOADED with possibilities. Download the app now and access your FimiMONEY™ Virtual DebitCard and unlock the benefits right in the palm of your hand.