A New Day for International Trade & Payments

FimiEXCHANGE™ provides an online platform where everyday people are able to buy and sell Gold, do day-to-day Currency exchange and you can also now use Digital Currency or Gold as a means of payment when purchasing goods and services. We firmly believe in the notion that “Everyday People” should take part in the global economy.

Welcome to the FimiEXCHANGE™

FX Exchange

FimiMONEY™ offers convenient online international payments with access to over 85 different currencies at competitive rates.

Digital Currency Exchange

FimiMONEY™ provides the best platform to buy, sell, or hold digital currencies and exchange into regular currencies.

Commodities Exchange

FimiEXCHANGE™ offers a decentralized platform to sell or buy commodities or good in a safe and secured environment any were in the world.

FimiMONEY™ provides a Modern Multi-Dimensional platform to facilitate global financial transactions.

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