FimiMONEY™ is the Simplest Way To Pay Your Bills

Start paying bills without joining lines- set up automatic or onetime payments with FimiPAY™. You can pay Airtime, TV, Internet, Electricity, Insurance, School Fees, Childcare, Loans, Installments, bills with FimiMONEY™App.

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Many Payment Options

Pay your bills any time anywhere using FimiPAY™or FimiMONEY™ App or any of the other methods provided.

Diaspora Payments

Pay bills for your family and loved ones through FimiMONEY™, using FimiPAY™ or FimiMONEY™ DebitCard directly.

Setup Reminders

You can setup email and SMS reminders to be sent to you when bills are due to avoid late fees or disruption in service.

FimiPAY™ ensures that your payments reflect on the biller’s system immediately or in minutes every time everywhere.

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